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Steve Olshansky

Steve Olshansky

Director, Trust Technology, Policy, and Strategy

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Steve Olshansky is Director, Trust Technology, Policy, and Strategy at the Internet Society.

Prior to joining the Internet Society in 2014, Steve was Director, Federated Technologies for Internet2 – the US National Research and Education Network (NREN). He was with Internet2 for 12 years, responsible for a variety of trust and cybersecurity technology and policy projects, and reducing friction for online business, education, and collaboration. He was especially focused on trust infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital identity, and federated identity and access management. His responsibilities included managing distributed software development projects and developing community-driven best practices and policy guidance. Prior to his tenure with Internet2, he was a consultant in the fields of eBusiness and online training and education, a content and business developer for IP services at a large US telco (“baby bell”), and a founding board member of a leading community network (community information portal) in the mid-90s.

Steve holds a M.S. in Telecommunications from the University of
Colorado at Boulder, and a B.A. in Political Science from Colorado College.

Steve is based in Boulder, Colorado, United States.

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