Mariel Triggs

Mariel Triggs

CEO, MuralNet

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Mariel is the CEO of MuralNet, a nonprofit working with Native nations to build high-speed internet networks and connect their communities. Her responsibilities include coordinating deployments, partnerships, and policy advocacy efforts. She has taken part in every aspect of builds from applying for licenses and funding, staging and mounting equipment to monitoring and troubleshooting operations.

Prior to her work with MuralNet, Mariel was an engineer, educator, and researcher. She has pushed innovation in classrooms for over a decade and her work with experimental online STEM curriculum proved how important access to internet resources are for learning content and developing motivation and growth mindsets. True equity today requires equal online access for all people. MuralNet helps bridge the digital divide by providing infrastructure and the legal, financial and educational resources so that tribal nations and affiliated organizations can start and grow their own networks.

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