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COWShED: COmmunication within White Spots for brEeDers

Senegal Chapter

The livestock transhumance in Senegal is done in several areas and more specifically in the sylvo-pastorale areas located in the Ferlo’s region where it is difficult or impossible to communicate with terrestrial communication systems. The main reason is due to the existence of white spots. A white spot is defined as a no cellular coverage area.

To overcome the presence of white spot satellite communications can be used. However, in underserved areas, satellite communications are very expensive for people.

Therefore, we propose a low-cost communication for rural population such as breeders, farmers based on long range radio communication within ISM (Industrial, Science and Medical) bands. It is worth noticing that the ISM band is free. The proposed autonomous mobile mesh network is developed by breeders to lead livestock’s, in a safe manner, where grass and water points are available. Our main goal is to encourage activities that can generate financial returns for rural population by preserving the environment.

Read the Interim Report

Watch the video that describes the prototype


Project Status:
In progress

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