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Digital Fabrication Laboratory and Radio Telecommunication Network in rural areas of Nicaragua

Project Organizer:
Nicaragua Chapter

The Autonomous Region of the Caribbean North Coast of Nicaragua -RACCN- is the region that has the largest proportion of people living in extreme poverty (69% of the population in the region live below the poverty line). To this, we must add that it is a region, which is highly vulnerable because of natural disasters, the effects of drug trafficking, prone to riots and political nature and affected by the invasion of settlers from the north and central region of the country as a result of advancing geographical position the agricultural frontier. It is a largely rural area with very low levels of access to basic services, access roads in very bad conditions and with very low levels of public investment in technology and education.

The main objective of the project is to provide support and guidance in the use of information and communication technologies, enabling the access to information, learning process and appropriate use of the tools that consequently will contribute to the decision-making processes in their economic development and local growth. One of the main relevant outputs is that farmers from all communities will have access to both, electronic and physical information to market prices, product demand and commercialization opportunities in other municipalities and foreign countries.

Project Status:
In progress

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