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e-Daara of Thieyetou

Project Organizer:
Alex Corenthin, Senegal Chapter

Start date: July 2016

The Internet is hard to come by in Thieyetou. The Senegalese village is about 30 kilometers from the nearest city and surrounded by desert. This means it’s both hard to maintain hardware and difficult to get it fixed when dust gets in the machines.

Internet Society Senegal Chapter is working with Senegal’s Ecole Supérieur Polytechnique with the aim of turning the Thieyetou’s elementary school into a digital hub for everyone. The community will get a local Ethernet network with a long range wifi hotspot. The school itself will get a low-energy, solar powered Raspberry Pi computer lab. Finally, teachers will get access to open source software that will allow them to digitize student records. When classes are not running, the computer lab will be open as a cyber café.

Project goals:

  • Internet access and installation of autonomous solar kit to support power needs
  • School programs completly managed online
  • 200 family members regularly accessing to the Internet
  • 20 Teachers accessing to online academic ressources regularly
  • 15% augmentation in pupils average grades
  • 15 students trained in online management systems for schools
  • 5 villages willing to get access to similar collaboration
  • Financial balance between maintenance costs and Internet access tickets sales

Project Status:
In progress

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