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Project Organizer:
Roger Baig, Spain Catalonia Chapter

In Catalonia, has changed the way people get online. The free, open, neutral communications network is self-organized and operated by users. The network is currently accounting for more than 30.000 working nodes. In 2009, it started deploying fiber optic cable to farms in rural communities. Internet Society Spain Catalonia Chapter is turning best practice into capacity building for community networks future development. The project is divided in two one-year phases.

The first phase comprises:

  • 9 months of materials development (documents, slides, training materials, and brochures)
  • On-site seminar in South Africa, in collaboration with the project “Upgrading Zenzeleni Networks in Mankosi” – also funded by Beyond the Net
  • Second round of materials development taken from the seminar experience

left to right: Roger Pueyo, Laia Sucarrats, Roger Baig, Ramon Roca and Leandro Navarro.

Project Status:

In progress

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