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A Safe Internet for Kids Under 12: Prohibition is Not the Answer

Project Organizer:
Andres Gomez, Spain Aragon Chapter

Start date: March 2016

We all want to make sure children can stay safe online. Unfortunately, locking kids out of the Internet doesn’t work. Prohibition is not the answer.

This project aims to take a different approach to Internet safety. One that focuses on education, information, and building trust. It will teach children how to use the Internet in a responsible way,  that both keeps them safe and teaches them not to bully other kids online.

The project team: Alexander Dobbie, Teresa Auseré, Angelina Gracia del Rio, Andres Gomez

Projects main objectives:

  • Detect and correct the way Kids under 12 access the internet by using tools & good practices in a specific situation.
  • Teach the youngest in workshops about responsibility, good practices and awareness when dealing with the internet.
  • Apply in adults models to trust their children, by using the least control and surveillance, so than they can behave in a trustful way.
  • Create an “internet passionate children community” as the core of the chapter, underlining their active participation. This participation ought to be displayed by inviting several children and coming along to the INET, exposing their desires and concerns in order to build the internet site, not on how adults would like it, but how children do.
  • List mechanisms and channels applied by cyber bullying so as to undertake a prevention protocol for Parents & Educators in good practices by kids under 12.

Related information:

Project Status: In progress

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