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Alliance Article 32

Project Organizer:
Mondher Laabidi, Tunisia Chapter

Start date: November 2015

The purpose of this project is to defend the values and principles of freedom of access to information and networks in Tunisia, following article 32 of the new Tunisian constitution. The main objectives of this project are:

  1. An appraisal work to see the scope of Article 32; What are the laws that are against its implementation, and what are the bills that will achieve access to information and networks
  2. A citizen action: making an awareness campaign on the rights related to access to information and networks (encourage people to access networks and online databases).
  3. Create a proposal force around debates in areas with young people and civil society concerned by Article 32
  4. Reaching citizens trough a tour in 8 regions
  5. Training and awareness sessions for youth, journalists, academic and government representatives mainly in inland areas of Tunisia.

240 young, 20 Members, 50 journalists, 160 students.

Project Status:

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