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Beyond the Reach. A new vision for the physically challenged

Project Organizer:
Sagarika Wickramasekera, Sri Lanka Chapter

Start date: July 2015

Sri Lanka has a population of 20 million, around 200,000 people are believed to be visually impaired. Many of them lost their sight during the civil war (1983-2009).

An Army project was already initiated following the require from visually impaired soldiers. They wanted to use the Internet as a tool to stop their isolation and find a job to reintegrate into society.

Internet Society Sri-Lankan Chapter together with a local organization for the blind decided to bring this idea to life and include all visually impaired person in the country.  In the initial phase, the project will create a core group of future trainers of 10 visually impaired individuals and train them in computer literacy.

After receiving their certification this group will begin to train their fellow visually impaired citizens. In the second phase, a Mobile Lab will be developed to reach out to visually impaired people in remote locations that have poor access to Internet. The future goals of the project is to extend the Internet training programme to all physically challenged of Sri Lanka.

Watch the interview with Sagarika Wickramasekera to find out what obstacles they encountered and what the project achieved so far.

Project Status:
In progress

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