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Community Internet Center for Indigenous Mayans

Project Organizer:
Andrew Ettinger, Guatemala Chapter

Start date: July 2015

This project aims to provide Internet access and educational Internet training for indigenous Mayan children and families.

A Community Internet Center will be created, a space where the entire community is invited to use the Internet for free, with staff that has been trained to teach others how to use the systems. This will encourage people in the community who do not have access to a computer nor money to use the local Internet cafes to learn about Internet and how to use it.

Access to emerging tech and the new economy for indigenous Guatemalans is one way for them to escape the cycle of endemic poverty.

Projects benefits
  • Free internet access for the rural community in a supervised setting, with computers supplied
  • One-on-one instruction to introduce brand new users to computers and the internet
  • 3 month curriculum of computer literacy for Konojel children beneficiaries, 2 hours daily Web browsing, Social Networking, Youtube, Duolingo, Search engines, Word & Excel, Computers, Operating Systems, File System, Utiltities
  • Free place to do homework assignments (otherwise children would have to pay for access)
  • Children learn to use computers in a supervised setting appropriate to cultural norms
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Project Status:
In progress

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