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Hamara Internet

Project Organizer:
Nighat Dad, Pakistan Islamabad Chapter

Start date: July 2015

Organisations and initiatives that deal with the rights of women in Pakistan will tackle harassment, but do not focus on the role played by ICTs.
In the absence of any proactive laws to tackle cyber harassment, Nighat Dad, digital rights advocate, with the support of Pakistan Chapter, created Hamara Internet (“Our Internet”) a pioneer campaign to raise the awareness of digital violence against women, and to provide women with the necessary knowledge and tools to protect their online and offline freedom of expression via comprehensive workshops and trainings.

By fostering digital literacy among women, they will be able to not only safety and effectively navigate digital spaces themselves, but will also help their families and friends to protect themselves as well.
To encourage the replication of the project by Chapters all over the world, the program is well organized through a wide range of activities and a dedicated website.

Project activities:
  • awareness workshops and seminars in several colleges and universities
  • national conference on women’s digital rights in Islamabad
  • technical training of over 300 young women in digital security
  • creation of manuals and guidebooks in English and Urdu
  • distribution of promotional material and informative flyers
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Project Status:

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