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Non-visual access to the digital library (NoVA)

Project Organizer:
Woubakal Tesfaye

Start date: July 2015

According to recent studies, about 4 Million out of the 75 Million inhabitants of Ethiopia live with visual impairment. Prejudices and educational limitation lead them to economical and professional marginalization.

The NoVA project (Non-visual access to digital library) aims to fulfill the information needs of visually impaired students who are attending high school or higher educational institutions, visually impaired employees and job seekers.

The contents of this web-based library will be uploaded mainly by Together!, Ethiopian Residents Charity. To facilitate accessibility for the users, the web-based digital library will include free accessible programs and support different languages, as Ethiopia is a melting pot of nations and nationalities.

Project objectives:
  • Creating accessible web based library to fulfill the education, information and entertainment needs of visually impaired individuals so that they can be competitive with their sighted peers.
  • Providing open and free assistive technologies like screen reader (Amharic and English) and magnifier to visually impaired individuals
  • Building the capacity of the existing library system (public as well as school) to be more inclusive
  • Promoting and creating awareness to the website developers and organizations to include accessibility in their websites.

The immediate result of this project will be providing accessible resource and reference in electronic documents and audio books to visually impaired. NoVA will not only be the first digital library exclusively made for visually impaired in Ethiopia, but it will offer a forum to create an online blind community.

Project Status:
In progress

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