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Observatorio de la Juventud

Project Organizer:
Adela Goberna

Start date: November 2015

The “Youth Observatory” is an initiative of young members of Internet Society in Latin American countries, seeking to build a participatory platform to bring knowledge about Internet governance and principles to the youth in Latin America, regardless of their language, sex, race, religion, etc., building capacity among young people. Also, through these tools, build knowledge among young people, enabling them to acquire skills to address these issues.

Currently, the project has more than 80 young people from different countries involved. The organization has a solid structure, rules and regulations that enable it for a continued growth.

Project benefits:
  • The creation of a platform that aims to expand the knowledge on the principles of Internet and its governance. It will also promote a fluid exchange, as to accentuate the communication among youngsters in the region of Latin America on these specific issues.
  • The formation and building of youth identity, tending to open and disseminate their ideas within the Internet ecosystem. The objective of this is include them in local and regional debates as actors.
  • The empower of young people in the region so they can have a more resourceful participation in Internet governance and can spread these issues in their communities.
  • Capacity building in young people, as to transfer knowledge to have solid tools to generate new lines of discussion in the existing Internet Governance forums.
  • Generate connections and networking through dialogue and in active cooperation with other youngster involved in the Internet Ecosystem.

Project Status:
In progress

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