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Radio Menq – The Internet Radio for People with Visual Impairments

Project Organizer:
Igor Mkrtumyan, Armenia Chapter

Start date: January 2015

The creation of the Internet Availability Center in 2012 for blind and visually impaired people at the Culture House of Blinds in Yerevan, Armenia, triggered creative ideas among active members and instructors of the center. They reached the conclusion that a Internet Radio station could make a significant change in the lives of visually impaired people.

Through a comprehensive programmation, this project will help Armenian blinds to be well informed of their rights and privileges, problems and solutions, new opportunities and success stories. They will become trained to overcome psychological barriers for integration into the society.

Оn March 14th 2016, the first recording took place at Radio MENQ ( in Armenian means We!) located in the Culture House of the Blinds. Yura Avetisyan, their visually impaired director, talked about chess game and its role in the lives of people with different abilities. The news about opening ceremony was broadcasted by Armenia and Shant TV channels, as well as by Noyyan Tapan (Noa’s Arch) information agency.

Practical and psychological matters find voice and solutions in the broadcast programming. More than 45 disabled artists and scientists were invited as guests to share their experience in living with handicaps. More than 200 programs were broadcast in 2016. This Radio is opening up new horizons for visually impaired and their families. The project is creating innovation and a local solution with global impact.

Project Status:

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