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Simplification of Terms and Conditions

Project Organizer:
Nicolas Chagny, France Chapter

The law on confidence in the digital economy (LCEN) forced each website to acquire imprint with clear and identical information, enabling any user to identify the publisher of a site, and its host contact. In 2013, the Internet Society conducted the global survey on Internet usage called “Global Internet User Survey”. We noted that a majority of French Internet users feels helpless in terms of protection of privacy on the Internet. Only 7% of respondents say they always read the terms of use and privacy (TOS). Among those that sometimes read these conditions, only 12% says they completely understand it. Over 90% of respondents do not systematically pay attention to privacy rules.

This project aims to carry out:

  • The creation of simple and synthetic General Terms and Conditions (GTC) models, meeting the legal requirements of publishers. The goal is to have TOS included in one single page, understandable by all;
  • The creation of a single simple sign-on, understandable to all, in orde to allow each user, upon validation of terms and conditions, to do so in full knowledge of the commitments he makes.

The project is not intended to analyze, classify or judge the Terms and Conditions of websites, but to improve accessibility and readability of these terms.

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