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About Internet Society 23 March 2021

Shape the Internet’s Future with the Early Career Fellowship

Alejandra Prieto
By Alejandra PrietoSenior Manager, Fellowship Programs

Imagine a world where a global roster of Internet champions can stand up against the threats to the Internet.

This ideal was the inspiration for our new flagship program – the Early Career Fellowship!

This groundbreaking fellowship empowers a diverse new generation of Internet thinkers and doers.

The Early Career Fellows will have the opportunity to think, learning from Internet luminaries, today’s leading thinkers and organizations. They’ll explore topics like the Internet Ecosystem, Project Management & Advocacy, and the Internet Way of Thinking with Professor Dr Laura DeNardis of American University, scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute, and experts from the Internet Society, Diplo/GIP, Pyramid Learning and 89up.

The Fellows will also have the opportunity to do, getting direct support to nurture their professional growth. They’ll attend practical modules to help develop their own projects – bringing their ideas to life as they address the real-world challenges facing the future of the Internet.

These components, complemented with discussion, mentorship and leadership tracks, will:

  • Increase the capacity of Internet champions through targeted educational and leadership development activities – and expand their expertise to support the development of the Internet
  • Empower a cadre of talented early career professionals, giving them a safe and constructive platform to enhance their impact on the Internet as a whole, and in their respective communities
  • Ensure the next generation of Internet leaders embody the principles of openness and collaboration – the Internet Way of Thinking and Doing

By the end of the program, Fellows will understand the technical and policy dimensions of the Internet – and the important connections between each.

The future of the Internet exists in programs like the Early Career Fellowship. A future in which Fellows ensure the Internet remains a force for good.

Apply for the Early Career Fellowship!

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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