Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee

Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee

2021 Chapters AC Steering Committee

Satish Babu
(India Trivandrum Chapter)
Region: Asia-Pacific
Position: Steering Committee Secretary

Nabil Bukhalid
(Lebanon Chapter)
Region: Middle East

Pierre-Jean Darres
(Canada Québec Chapter)
Region: North America
Position: Steering Committee Chair

Jordi Domingo-Pascual
(Spain Catalonia Chapter)

Region: Europe

Wadzanai Ndlovu
(Zimbabwe Chapter)
Region: Africa
Position: Steering Committee Vice Chair

Roberto Zambrana
(Bolivia Chapter)

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Non-geographical members

Adebunmi Akinbo
(Nigeria Chapter)

Anna Amoomo
(Namibia Chapter)

German M. Fajardo Muriel
(Colombia Chapter)

Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo and is a representative of the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter and its Public Relations Officer. He is a Pioneer Member of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association NiRA and is involved in the coordination of events, policy, and training. He is COO of DNS Africa Magazine. Team Lead for Community NetHUBs in Africa, THUMBs Network in Nigeria, and… Read more

HR officer turned Tech enthusiasts and the current president of the Internet Society, Namibia Chapter. She is an Africa youth mobile trainee 2019, an Internet Society Fellow, and an Africa Coding Week trainer. She was recently appointed by the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology in Namibia to be a member of the Cyber Security Committee. She holds an Advance… Read more

Satish Babu

India Trivandrum Chapter

Satish Babu is an active volunteer in multiple organizations including Internet Society, ICANN and IEEE, and has been a member of Internet Society since 2009. He is the founder-Chair of ISOC India Trivandrum Chapter and has been involved with the ChAC Steering Committee since 2018. He is currently the Chair of APRALO and APSIG. Satish is a co-founder of the… Read more

Nabil Bukhalid is the President of Internet Society Lebanon Chapter, an Internet evangelist and Internet Hall of Fame inductee. Nabil is currently consulting in areas including Internet infrastructure and services, economic and social development utilizing technology, open data and the Internet, datacenters and cloud services, higher education networks, project management, Internet governance and intersection of Internet policy and technology. He… Read more

Wadzanai Ndlovu works at the intersection of Policy, Access to information and the Internet, an information scientist by profession. She works extensively with both civil society and public institutions, offering her input on policy development and implementation. Beyond Internet Society, Wadzanai’s passion lies in bridging the digital divide and connecting the unconnected, especially the marginalized societies.    Experience and interest… Read more

On the professional part, Pierre-Jean Darres works as private advisor in international development supporting organizations, governments and companies in their growth within and towards foreign markets for various industries and sectors, including Internet and related technologies and services. On the Internet Society and related part, he has been Treasurer and Secretary of the Internet Society Canada Québec Chapter since 2017,… Read more

Jordi Domingo-Pascual is a Full Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC BarcelonaTECH). Teaching Activities on Computer Networks and Ethics i Research and Innovation. Research activities on Computer Networks and New Network Architectures. He has been an Internet Society member since June 2002, ISOC-ES member since June 2002 and ISOC-CAT member since July 2004.  He has also been an… Read more

German Fajardo Muriel is an Electrical Engineer and Telematics Specialist from the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá Colombia), with a postgraduate degree in Management and Business Administration (MBA) from Northeastern University (Boston - USA).  He has more than 29 years of professional experience in the telecommunications and ICT sector. Since 1991 he has been Member of the Institute of Electrical… Read more

Roberto Zambrana is from La Paz, Bolivia. He is an electronics and telecommunications engineer and has a Master´s degree in telecommunications. He also has taken several post-graduate courses on wireless and computer networks, has a higher education diploma and currently he is a PhD candidate in the network security field. He has been working in telecommunications, information systems and Internet… Read more