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This ION Conference was part of Internet Infrastructure Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 3-7 December. ION Sao Paulo was held the morning of Wednesday, 5 December. This agenda is also available in Portuguese.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

About Deploy360

Speaker: Richard Jimmerson (Internet Society)

Richard Jimmerson, Internet Society Director, Deployment & Operationalization, will discuss the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme, the resources currently available, and the process of gathering community feedback to enhance this free and open resource.

 8:45 AM

IPv6 in the Enterprise: Real-world Deployment Experiences

Moderator: Richard Jimmerson (Internet Society); Panelists: Cameron Byrne (T-Mobile USA); Valdinei Rodrigues dos Reis (Universidade Estadual Paulista); Arturo Servin (LACNIC)

IPv6 has been available from the Regional Internet Registries for 15 years now. Where are enterprise organizations on their path toward full IPv6 adoption? Panelists will discuss their experiences deploying IPv6 in organizations, the technical and organizational challenges they faced, and the current status of their deployments.

 9:45 AM

Perspectives on Deploying DNSSEC

Dan York (Internet Society), Frederico Neves (NIC.BR), Robert Martin-Legène (Packet Clearing House)

What needs to be done for DNSSEC to be deployed on a large scale? Participants will discuss the unique DNSSEC requirements for network operators, enterprises, application developers, and domain name holders. They will also discuss challenges to DNSSEC deployment and opportunities to address those challenges.

 10:30 AM


 10:45 AM

Government: A Pivotal Player in IPv6 Adoption

Moderator: Christian O’Flaherty (Internet Society); Panelists: Jiří Průša (NIC.CZ); Cristiano Hauck Chevitarese (Brazil); Régison Martins (Brazil); Shernon Osepa (Internet Society)

Experiencing a 40% increase in its unique IP address count over a single year, Brazil’s recent boom of Internet connectivity emphasizes the country’s need to support IPv6 migration. A panel of international experts will discuss the critical role that governments play in advancing IPv6 adoption, including those governments that have successfully mandated agencies deploy IPv6 protocol on public-facing websites and email services. The dialogue will identify governmental drivers for IPv6 adoption while panelists outline the goals, approach, accomplishments, and challenges of their respective government’s transition to IPv6.

 11:45 AM

Advancing the Network: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed

Moderator: Dan York (Internet Society); Panelists: Tom Coffeen (Infoblox); Alex Felipelli (Akamai); Daniel Fuchs (Datora Telecom); Demi Getschko (NIC.BR)

Panelists will examine the progress made in cutting-edge network advancements, such as IPv6 and DNSSEC, over the past year. As part of this discussion, participants of World IPv6 Launch will share their experiences and summarize results of this industry milestone, when thousands of websites, network, and electronics vendors permanently enabled IPv6. Overall, expert panelists will share important lessons learned in the deployment of new technologies and provide insight into the future of the Internet networking landscape.

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