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11 December 2012

12:30 PM

Registration Opens

1:30 PM

Welcome, Introductions, and About Deploy360

Speaker: Richard Jimmerson, Internet Society

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Richard will discuss the Internet Society Deploy360 Programme, the resources currently available, and the process of gathering community feedback to add more information to this open resource.

2:00 PM

ARIN Support for DNSSEC and RPKI

Speaker: Pete Toscano, ARIN

DNS and BGP are two Internet infrastructure protocols that have been around for many years now. They also have some well-known security problems. This presentation will give an overview of two technologies — DNSSEC and RPKI — that attempt to remedy some of these problems.

2:30 PM


2:45 PM

DNSSEC Deployment: From End-Customer to Content

Moderator: Dan York; Panelists: Jim Galvin (Afilias); Richard Lamb (ICANN); Cricket Liu (Infoblox); Roland M. van Rijswijk – Deij (SURFnet)

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This panel will address what needs to be done for large-scale DNSSEC deployment.  Panelists will discuss their experience implementing DNSSEC within the environments of a network operator, enterprise, application developer, and for a regular domain name holder.

Challenges to DNSSEC deployment will be discussed, along with opportunities to address those challenges.

3:45 PM

Advancing the Network: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Headed

Moderator: Shumon Huque (University of Pennsylvania); Panelists: Ron Broersma (DREN); Paul Ebersman (Infoblox); Paul Mockapetris (Nominum, Inc.); John Spence (nephos6)

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Panelists will examine the progress made in cutting-edge network advancements, such as IPv6 and DNSSEC, over the past year. Experts share important lessons learned in the deployment of new technologies and provide insight into the future of the Internet networking landscape.

4:45 PM

Closing Remarks & Raffle Prizes

Speaker: Paul Brigner, Internet Society

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