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How To Help

As we are frequently asked by people how they can help us make the Deploy360 Programme the best possible online resource for information related to IPv6, DNSSEC and Routing Resiliency, we thought we’d create this page to offer some ideas.  Some ways you can help are relatively simple, such as helping retweet/share our links, while other ways are more involved.

Help Us Find Resources Or Create New Content

If you look at our content roadmap for IPv6 and our content roadmap for DNSSEC, you can see that we have some very ambitious plans for what we would like to include in the Deploy360 site. Several ways you can help here:

  • If you look at those roadmaps and know of an existing site or tutorial or other document that would meet that objective, please send us a message with the link to that resource.
  • If you see an item on those roadmaps that you would like to create, either as a written article or as a video or screencast, please let us know. If you write a page here on the site that we publish, we’re glad to give you attribution and link back to your own site.

Beyond our content roadmaps, if you browse through the site and find a page where you think there could be additional information added, please send that information to us and we’ll update the page.

Note, too, that we are interested in expanding our multimedia content on the site and are interested in producing video/audio interviews with people involved in the field and also creating “screencasts” that show how to use various tools.  If you would be interested in being involved in something like that, we’d love to hear from you.

Help Promote Our Resources And News

A very simple way where we can always use help is in the promotion of the content on our site, both the individual “resource” pages we create and also the news posts we publish in the Deploy360 blog.  A couple of ways you can help here:

1. Follow us in social media and retweet / like / share / +1 / (whatever) the updates we distribute through those channels. This definitely helps get the word out in so many different ways.

2. Distribute our links to online sites. Many people, maybe you, get a lot of their information from sites like Reddit, Hacker News, Digg and other similar sites. Other people are finding value in discussion groups within LinkedIn, communities in Google+ or Pages and Groups within Facebook.  If you see a Deploy360 resource or news item helpful and think others might in one of those communities, please do share the link if it’s appropriate for you to do so. We share links on those services sometimes, but there are a great many of them – and some sites do have restrictions on promoting links that you wrote yourself.  And, if you see links to our content on those sites, more up-votes or likes are always welcome, particularly if that helps get more people to see the link.

3. Invite us to participate in your podcast, site, conference or other event. If you host or produce an audio or video podcast (or know someone who does) where it would be appropriate to talk about our topics, please feel free to invite us. Similarly if you are seeking speakers on IPv6, DNSSEC or routing, we have speakers who may be available.

These are just a few ideas…  the key point is that we can always use help in getting the word out about the materials we have here so that more people can get IPv6 or DNSSEC deployed or make their routing more resilient.

Speak At – Or Attend – An ION Conference

Finally, each year we are producing our ION Conferences around the world and we are often looking for speakers for those events. If you think you might fit with the type of sessions we offer, let us know.  Additionally we always welcome more attendees if you can get to the ION events.

Sign Up As A Volunteer

If you would like to help us on an ongoing basis, please sign up as a volunteer so that we can learn your contact information and interests.

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