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Agenda & Presentations

9 September 2014

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1:45 PM BST

Opening Remarks

Chris Grundemann (Internet Society)
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2:00 PM

Two Years After World IPv6 Launch: Are We There Yet?

Nathalie Kunneke-Trenaman (RIPE NCC)
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June 2014 marked the 2nd anniversary of World IPv6 Launch, when thousands of Internet Service Providers, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world came together to permanently enable IPv6 on their products and services. Where are we now on the path to full global IPv6 adoption? We’ll discuss the current state of IPv6 adoption, including statistics and lessons learned from and since World IPv6 Launch, and the next steps needed to move forward with IPv6 deployment.

2:30 PM

Why Implement DNSSEC?

Jim Galvin (Afilias)
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DNSSEC helps prevent attackers from subverting and modifying DNS messages and sending users to wrong (and potentially malicious) sites. So what needs to be done for DNSSEC to be deployed on a large scale? We’ll discuss the business reasons for, and financial implications of, deploying DNSSEC, from staying ahead of the technological curve, to staying ahead of your competition, to keeping your customers satisfied and secure on the Internet. We’ll also examine some of the challenges operators have faced and the opportunities to address those challenges and move deployment forward.

3:00 PM

IPv6 Success Stories– Network Operators Tell All!

Ian Farrer (Deutsche Telekom AG); Timo Hilbrink (xs4all); Dave Wilson (HEAnet)
Ian Farrer’s Slides
Timo Hilbrink’s Slides

In this session, we invite network operators to share their IPv6 success stories and lessons learned along the way that can help other managers of networks deploy IPv6. How did they do it? What technical, organizational, and political challenges did they face? Attendees will gain vital insight as network operators lay out the stages for IPv6 implementation—creating the business case for management buy-in, initiating a planning process, flipping the switch, and, finally, gathering measurements and proving success.

3:30 PM


4:00 PM

IETF Update

Chris Grundemann (Internet Society)
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What’s happening at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)? What RFCs and Internet-Drafts are in progress related to IPv6, DNSSEC, Routing Security/Resiliency, and other key topics? We’ll give an overview of the ongoing discussions in several working groups and discuss the outcomes of recent Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions, and provide a preview of what to expect in future discussions.

4:15 PM

Panel: Routing Around Catastrophe

Moderator: Rob Evans (JANET). Panelists: Nick Hilliard (INEX); Mike Hughes; Dave Wilson (HEAnet)

How do we improve the resilience and security of the Internet’s underlying routing infrastructure? While Internet routing has worked well over the years, there have been instances where errors and misconfiguration have caused stability issues. Malicious attackers have also created denial of service attacks and other issues by spoofing IP addresses and manipulating routing tables. What are the best practices we can use to help mitigate these kinds of attacks? What new routing technologies or standards are being developed to address these threats? How can we as an Internet community make the Internet more resilient and secure?

5:00 PM

Securing BGP

David Freedman (Claranet)
Slides | Video

Why do so many network operators fail to put basic technologies into practice when it comes to securing BGP? In this session, we’ll examine route filtering and BGP session security – the practical basics of securing BGP.

5:30 PM

Closing Remarks

Chris Grundemann (Internet Society)

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