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Agenda & Presentations

30 September 2013

Galaxy Hotel, Krakow

2:00PM – 6:50PM

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2:00 PM

Introduction to ION Krakow

Speaker: Dan York (Internet Society)

2:05 PM

An ISOC Poland Overview of the Local IT Landscape

Speaker: Marcin Cieślak (ISOC Poland)

The Internet Society Poland Chapter is extremely active and involved in both technology and policy activities in the region. Learn more about ISOC and its mandate and how the Poland Chapter is breaking new ground in helping build awareness on the importance of Internet issues.

2:45 PM

Slaying the Two-Headed Beast: Challenges and Triumphs of DNSSEC

Moderator: Dan York (Internet Society); Panelists: Frederic Cambus (StatDNS); Krzysztof Olesik (NASK); Patrik Wallström (OpenDNSSEC)

What needs to be done for DNSSEC to be deployed on a large scale? Panelists will discuss their experiences in implementing DNSSEC, including challenges they’ve faced along the way and the opportunities to address those challenges and move deployment forward.

3:30 PM


3:50 PM

Fortifying the Castle: An Update on Global IPv6 Deployment

Speaker: Sander Steffann (SJM Steffann Consultancy)

In this session, Sander will discuss the current state of IPv6 adoption across the globe, including statistics and lessons learned from and since World IPv6 Launch, and the next steps needed to move forward with IPv6 deployment.

4:20 PM

Routing Around Catastrophe

Moderator: Ivan Pepelnjak; Panelists: Łukasz Bromirski (Cisco), David Freedman (Claranet), Adam Grodecki (Huawei)

How do we improve the resilience and security of the Internet’s underlying routing infrastructure? While Internet routing has worked well over the years, there have been instances where errors and misconfiguration have caused stability issues. Malicious attackers have also created denial of service attacks and other issues by spoofing IP addresses and manipulating routing tables. What are the best practices we can use to help mitigate these kind of attacks? What new routing technologies or standards are being developed to address these threats? How can we as an Internet community make the Internet more resilient and secure?

5:05 PM


5:25 PM

Protocols of the Round Table: BCOP Efforts Update

Speaker: Jan Žorž (Internet Society)

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standardizes the protocols and services that vendors implement and network operators are supposed to deploy and use. We believe there is an opportunity to better identify, capture, and promote best current operational practices documents emerging from various regional network operators’ groups. We believe sharing these documents across the globe would benefit the wider Internet community and help more operators deploy new technologies like IPv6 and DNSSEC faster and easier. Jan will give an update since his last presentation at PLNOG, discuss the status of BCOP efforts across the world, and give an overview of some of the documents in the process so far.

5:55 PM

Global IPv6 Tournament: Who will take the IPv6 Crown?

Moderator: Jan Žorž (Internet Society); Panelists: Ian Farrer (Deutsche Telecom), Bartosz Gajda (PIONIER), Chris Grundemann; Krzysztof Siliki (NASK)

IPv6 has been available from the Regional Internet Registries for almost 15 years. How do different types of organizations in different countries formulate their plans to deploy IPv6, and what’s taking so long? Panelists will discuss their experiences deploying IPv6, the technical, organizational, and political challenges they faced, and the current status of their deployments.

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