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Notes: (1) The videos below are in a combination of English [EN] and Spanish [ES], depending on the speaker. We’ve noted the language(s) next to the session title. (2) The whole video playlist for ION Santiago is available on YouTube at this link.

Opening Remarks [EN]

Chris Grundemann (Internet Society)

What’s Happening at the IETF? Internet Standards and How to Get Involved [ES]

Alvaro Retano (Cisco)

Beyond the Tipping Point: Global Connectivity Two Years After World IPv6 Launch [ES]

Arturo L. Servin Niembro (Google)

Best Current Operational Practices Update [EN]

Jan Zorz (Internet Society)

Panel: Routing Around Catastrophe – Securing BGP, Anti-spoofing, and More [EN and ES]

Moderator: Christian O’Flaherty. Panelists: Rodrigo Arenas (NIC CL); Wes Hardaker (PARSONS); Max Larson Henry (Transversal); Gerardo Rada (LACNIC).

Lock it Up: TLS for Network Operators [EN]

Chris Grundemann (Internet Society)

Note: Video begins at 43:40.

DANE: The Future of Transport Layer Security (TLS) [EN]

Wes Hardaker (PARSONS)

Note: Video begins at 59:40.

Closing Remarks [EN]

Chris Grundemann (Internet Society)

Note: Video begins at 1:31:00

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