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John Brzozowski, Chief Architect, IPv6 and Distinguished Engineer, Comcast

John BrzozowskiJohn is Chief Architect, IPv6 and Distinguished Engineer, at Comcast. John provides technical leadership and guidance for Comcast’s deployment of IPv6 across all of its services. He leverages his expertise and experience to drive the adoption and implementation of IPv6 in the real-world and at scale, ensuring that innovative solutions are in place to support traditional and next generation services. John has contributed significantly to many standards and technologies critical to the adoption of IPv6 globally, across voice, video, and Internet networks and services. He works closely with CableLabs on DOCSIS and PacketCable specifications, and is very involved with the IETF, where he is co-chair of the DHC working group as well as an active contributor on a range of IPv6 issues.

Leslie Daigle, Chief Information Technology Officer, Internet Society

Leslie DaigleLeslie is the Chief Internet Technology Officer of the Internet Society. She has been actively involved in shaping the Internet’s technical evolution for more than a dozen years. Her role with the Internet Society is to provide strategic leadership on important technical issues as they relate to ISOC’s ongoing programs.

She has worked with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) since 1995, and was an appointed member of the related Internet Architecture Board (IAB) from March 2000 to March 2008. As the elected Chair of the IAB from 2002 to 2007, Leslie steered the IAB and the related IETF through a period of important industry and institutional change by working with diverse technical groups to align their interests and develop sustainable relationships.

Apart from her leadership role with the IAB, Leslie has been a strong promoter of the development of Internet identifiers and directory systems, which allow for the creation of standards-based, interoperable application protocols to support end-users across the Internet in their use of remote resources. She recently published standards for DNS-based application service discovery.

Leslie has served as a panelist with the National Science Foundation review committee, evaluating Internet-related research proposals submitted for funding. She holds an M.Sc. in Computing & Information Science from the University of Guelph, and a B.Sc. in Math and Computer Science from McGill University. Leslie was most recently a Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems. Previously she held the position of Director of Directory Research at VeriSign, and Vice President for Research at industry pioneer Bunyip Information Systems, among others.

Richard Jimmerson, Director, Deployment and Operationalization Hub, Internet Society

Richard JimmersonRichard is the Director, Deployment and Operationalization Hub, at the Internet Society. He has been actively involved in Internet resource governance and education since the 1990s. His focus at the Internet Society is to advance and grow the Internet through the delivery of implementation-critical information for deployment of key Internet technologies.

Richard facilitated Internet advancement as a lead executive at the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) over a thirteen-year period. He directed registration activities, company operations, and several outreach initiatives during his years at ARIN. In his final years at ARIN, Richard led a high profile outreach campaign to raise Internet community awareness of IPv4 depletion and the critical need for IPv6 adoption.

Richard has communicated with thousands of companies about their adoption of new technologies and standards over the years.

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