ION Costa Rica

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Fred Baker

Former IETF Chair

Fred Baker has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1978, building statistical multiplexors, terminal servers, bridges, and routers. At Cisco Systems, his primary interest areas include the improvement of Quality of Service for best effort and real time traffic, the development of routing and addressing, and issues in law enforcement and emergency use of the Internet. In addition to product… Read more

Claudio H Chacon

La principal herramienta de Investigación en el Ecuador

Claudio H Chacón A. is an expert of LAN Networks, security and open source applications at the University of Cuenca. Since 2009 joined Red CEDIA Ecuatorian NREN (National Research and Education Network). In 2011 did the implementation of IPv6 in all network campus and services, after that, he helped deploy IPv6 to new Universities. In 2015 he joined red CEDIA… Read more

Megan Kruse

Director, Partner Engagement and Communications

Megan Kruse is the Director, Partner Engagement and Communications. Working across departments and projects, she identifies, develops, and implements engagement opportunities for organizations that further the Internet Society’s mission and work around the globe. She also serves as a subject matter expert on multiple projects, particularly Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) and Open Standards Everywhere (OSE). Megan joined… Read more

Christian O'Flaherty

Regional Vice President - Latin America and The Caribbean

Christian O’ Flaherty serves as the Regional Vice President for Latin America and The Caribbean. He joined the Internet Society in July 2009. Graduated in Computer Science and postgraduate degree in Business Management. Christian began his career in academia and was Operations Director at the Argentine National Research and Education Network. In 1997 he joined a regional company to build… Read more

Mauricio Oviedo

Jefe de Tecnologías de Información / CTO de NIC Costa Rica

Mauricio se desempeña como Jefe de Tecnologías de Información / CTO de NIC Costa Rica. Hace 13 años trabaja en el área de telemática y administración desistemas, y su especialidad es la seguridad en redes de datos. Tiene acargo el equipo de técnico que administra el dominio superior .CR y el Punto Neutro de Intercambio de Tráfico de Costa Rica… Read more

Erika Vega

Coordinadora de Infraestructura de la Red Nacional Academica de Tecnología Avanzada (RENATA)

Erika Vega se desempeña actualmente como Coordinadora de Infraestructura de la Red Nacional Academica de Tecnología Avanzada (RENATA) y forma parte del directorio de la comunidad de operadores de redes de America Latina y el Caribe (LACNOG). Es Ingeniera de Telecomunicaciones con especialización en Consultoría para la Integración de las Telecomunicaciones (ITIO) en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Desde el… Read more

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Date and Time

Monday 03 July 2017


Hotel InterContinental San José

Hotel InterContinental San José
Multiplaza, Shopping Center
Escazu : San Jose
Costa Rica

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