ION Malta

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ION Malta took place on 18 September 2017, alongside an ICANN DNSSEC Training Workshop on the 19th. As usual, this ION also had generous support from our ION Conference Series Sponsor Afilias.

We had a full-day program so we covered topics including IPv6DNSSECSecuring BGP, and TLS for Applications.

ION Conferences brought network engineers and leading industry experts together to discuss emerging technologies and hot technology topics. Early adopters provided valuable insight into their own deployment experiences and brought participants up to speed on new standards emerging from the IETF.

ION let network operators stay ahead of the curve to understand and deploy emerging Internet technologies, and presented a unique opportunity to discuss the future of the Internet with the people who help craft it. More than a simple lecture series, ION events provide hands-on interaction with our speakers so you walked away with the answers you needed to deploy new standards and technologies on your own networks.

Events brought together the best and brightest from the Internet industry to learn about the latest news, ideas, and technologies in a relaxed and educational atmosphere.


9:00 AMIntroduction to the Internet Society and Deploy360

Megan Kruse, Internet Society

9:15 AMIntroduction to the Internet Society Malta Chapter

Jasper Schellekens, President
9:30 AMIPv6 Deployment in Malta vs The World

It’s been five years since World IPv6 Launch, when thousands of Internet Service Providers, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world came together to permanently enable IPv6 on their products and services. Where are we now on the path to full global IPv6 adoption? We’ll discuss the current state of IPv6 adoption, within Malta and around the world.

Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE NCCMANRS, Routing Security, and Collaboration

10:00 AMAn IPv6 Case Study: Finland

The Finnish national IPv6 launch ( was organized in 2015 and the share of the IPv6 traffic grew from zero to more than 15%. How we did it and lessons learned. Industry wide co-operation is crucial as are leader companies to build peer pressure. I will present a short case study from one of our ISPs including a brief description of the main challenges and benefits. Also the national IPv6 implementation recommendation will be shortly presented.

Klaus Nieminen, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)

11:00 AMPanel Discussion: MANRS, Routing Security, and Collaboration

Collaboration and shared responsibility are two pillars supporting the Internet’s growth and success. While the global routing system has worked well, it has significant security challenges that we must address. In this panel, security experts will discuss how we can create a culture of collective responsibility and improve the global routing system, including an introduction to the “Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security” (MANRS).

Kevin Meynell, Internet Society; Marco d’Itri

Presentation 1 / Presentation 2
11:45 AMIntroduction to DNSSEC and Why We Need It

DNSSEC helps prevent attackers from subverting and modifying DNS messages and sending users to wrong (and potentially malicious) sites. So what needs to be done for DNSSEC to be deployed on a large scale? We’ll discuss the reasons for deploying DNSSEC, examine some of the challenges operators have faced, and address those challenges and move deployment forward.

Richard Lamb, ICANN

1:30 PMWhat’s Happening at the IETF? Internet Standards and How to Get Involved

What’s happening at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)? What RFCs and Internet-Drafts are in progress related to IPv6, DNSSEC, Routing Security/Resiliency, and other key topics? We’ll give an overview of the ongoing discussions in several working groups and discuss the outcomes of recent Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions, and provide a preview of what to expect in future discussions.

Kevin Meynell, Internet Society

2:00 PMIANA Transition – Enhanced Roles and Accountability

The IANA transition was successfully completed in October 2016 creating strengthened relationships between the IETF (Internet protocols and standards), Regional Internet Registries RIRs (IP addresses), and ccTLD and gTLD operators and TLD community and ICANN. A new organisation, Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), an affiliate of ICANN, is now responsible for performing the IANA functions and delivering the IANA Services on behalf of ICANN. The session will discuss these new arrangements and how they have enhanced ICANN’s accountability and transparency to the global Internet community. The session will also describe how ICANN is preparing for the Root KSK Rollover.

Adam Peake, ICANN

2:30 PMDANE: The Future of Transport Layer Security (TLS)

If you connect to a “secure” server using TLS/SSL (such as a web server, email server or xmpp server), how do you know you are using the correct certificate? With DNSSEC now being deployed, “DANE” (“DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities”) has emerged allowing you to securely specify exactly which TLS/SSL certificate an application should use to connect to your site. DANE has great potential to make the Internet much more secure by marrying the strong integrity protection of DNSSEC with the confidentiality of SSL/TLS certificates. In this session, we will explain how DANE works and how you can use it to secure your websites, email, XMPP, VoIP, and other web services.

Richard Lamb, ICANN

3:30 PMData Center Tour

Guided tour of MITA’s facilities.
4:00 PMPanel Discussion: IPv6 Success Stories

In this session, network operators will share their IPv6 success stories and lessons learned along the way that can help other managers of networks deploy IPv6. How did they do it? What technical, organizational, and political challenges did they face? Panelists will discuss the stages of IPv6 implementation—creating the business case for management buy-in, initiating a planning process, flipping the switch, and, finally, gathering measurements and proving success.

Moderator: Clara Scerri Delia, MCA
Panelists: Marco d’Itri, Bernard Mallia, Klaus Nieminen, Adam Peake

5:00 PMClosing Remarks

Megan Kruse, Internet Society


DNSSEC Workshop

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Richard Lamb, Sr. Program Manager DNSSEC at ICANN

For full agenda details, see


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Date and Time

Monday 18 September 2017 –

Tuesday 19 September 2017


MITA Data Centre

Old Railway Track
Santa Venera, Malta

Featured speakers and panelists

Megan Kruse

Director, Partner Engagement and Communications

Megan Kruse is the Director, Partner Engagement and Communications. Working across departments and projects, she identifies, develops, and implements engagement opportunities for organizations that further the Internet Society’s mission and… Read more

Dr. Richard Lamb

Sr. Progam Manager DNSSEC, ICANN

Dr. Richard Lamb is part of ICANN’s Security team and has over 35 years of Internet experience as engineer, entrepreneur, and policy expert. His interests have been intertwined with the… Read more

Adam Peake

Global Civil Society Engagement, ICANN

Adam is responsible for ICANN’s relations with civil society organizations, including academia, and supporting non-commercial participation in ICANN’s multi-stakeholder model. Before joining ICANN in December 2014, Adam spent more than… Read more


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