MWC Shanghai 2018

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The connected future is here – let’s make a connected world that is secure.

MWC Shanghai includes many events, seminars and learning opportunities designed to help educate and excite attendees about the mobile industry. These programmes are developed and presented by some of the top organisations in the mobile ecosystem making MWC Shanghai a can’t-miss event.

IoT Summit – June 28

The Internet of Things promises to change the way we live. But it can put our security and privacy at risk, in ways we’ve never seen before. Gartner projects that more than 20 billion consumer-grade devices will be connected by 2020. Many IoT offerings are rushed to market at the lowest possible cost with little consideration for basic security and privacy protections.

IoT security and privacy threats are real and growing in frequency. Not only has the volume of threats increased, but the threats are more diverse and innovative than ever before.

The Internet Society’s IoT Trust Framework identifies the core requirements manufacturers, service providers, distributors/purchasers and policymakers need to understand, assess and embrace for effective security and privacy as part of the Internet of Things.

ISOC Activities

11:10 – 12:10 Panel Discussion: IoT Security

With the enormous growth in the number of IoT connections, no one is immune to IoT attacks. Many research and analysis show the similar result that more than 90% of security professionals are expecting an increase in IoT breaches in the near future. But there is no single, magic security solutions that can easily fix all IoT security issues. Regulators and industrial players must work together to tackle the security issue with better mind-set and policies, and to improve the security on network, authentication, encryption and other related areas. Join this IoT Security session with the experts, and learn their viewpoint from different aspects.

Moderator: Ian Smith, IoT Security Lead, GSMA

Frédéric Donck, Managing Director of European Regional Bureau, Internet Society
Sri Chandra, Senior Director, Standards and Technology, IEEE

Brito Rodrigo, head of product management, Nokia Security
Jiang Wangcheng, President of IoT Solutions, Huawei
Samuel Sinn, Partner Cyber Security, PwC

Full agenda of IoT Summit can be found here.

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Date and Time

Wednesday 27 June 2018 –

Friday 29 June 2018


Shanghai, China

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