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Terms and Conditions: Internet Society Chapter Fellowship Award

The Internet Society’s fellowship you are applying for is governed by these terms and conditions. Please confirm your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions by clicking the check box “I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of this Travel fellowship” on the application form. You understand that clicking this box constitutes the legal equivalent of your manual signature with the same binding effect.

  1. Stipend. If applicable, the Internet Society (“ISOC”) is awarding you the stipend to help cover miscellaneous expenses such as ground transportation and food in connection with your attendance at the Event. The ISOC staff coordinator organizing the event will provide information if yes or no a stipend will be awarded for the meeting in question in a timely manner. If yes, ISOC will provide your stipend only after you have all the following: (i) visa in hand; (ii) transit visa (if needed); and (iii) a round trip ticket to and from your residence to the Event.  The stipend will cover miscellaneous expenses such as: ground transportation and food, taxes that may be levied when you depart or re-enter a country, visa or visa-related expenses (Please note that there will be no post-event reimbursement of these costs. If you expect your visa costs to be exceptionally high, then please contact the ISOC meeting). If for any reason (including the revocation of this grant by ISOC) you are not able to attend this meeting, you must return any stipend received. You will return the full amount of the stipend to ISOC immediately in the manner specified by ISOC.
  1. Travel Expenses. ISOC will purchase a round trip airline ticket for you to travel from your residence to the Event and to return to your residence and will pay for your meeting registration fee, if any. The itinerary of the ticket must be acceptable to ISOC. ISOC will support your travel to and from the Event on dates reasonably close to the dates of the Event; you should not plan to extend your stay for personal or business purposes. Before ISOC will purchase your airline ticket, you must (i) have your passport with visa in your hand (not in the mail); (ii) have a valid transit visa (or visas), if needed; (iii) have current student /guest worker papers, if applicable; and (iv) have ESTA approval, if applicable.
  1. Visa Requirements. ISOC will not reimburse you for your visa or visa-related expenses other than what can be covered by the stipend (see point 1). Your visa, passport, and student/guest worker documents must (i) reflect the name and address you will have when you travel to the Event; (ii) have expiration dates that will allow travel to and from the Event, per host country and passport country of issue requirements; (iii) have more than the minimum number of blank pages, per host country requirements; (iv) be in good condition, with no missing pages, watermarks, or tears; and (iv) contain no restrictions which would prevent you from traveling to the host country. You must meet all the above requirements at least 4 weeks before the Event (in order to keep ticket prices reasonable). If you need a visa, you must obtain it from an embassy, consulate or designated office within the country in which you are living. All research into any visa and/or transit visa requirements is your responsibility. Because obtaining a visa can be a lengthy process, you agree to begin the application process immediately. ISOC will provide visa support documentation, such as an invitation letter. 
  1. Hotel Expenses. ISOC will pay for your hotel (room and tax) during the Event, but you will be responsible for any incidental expenses that you charge to your room, including movies, telephone calls, meals, mini bar purchases, laundry or other charges. You should be prepared to provide the hotel with a credit card, debit card, or cash to guarantee payment for incidental expenses charged to your room. Additional nights at the hotel (e.g. to extend your stay to attend a co-located event) will only be covered by ISOC if previously communicated as such in writing by the ISOC event coordinator.
  1. Participation in the Event. You are responsible to prepare in advance for the Event.
    You will attend any meetings, sessions, and social events as determined by ISOC. To ensure your full participation, family members and travel companions may not accompany you to the Event. Within two weeks following the Event, you will complete an online survey to provide feedback on your experience as a participant in the Event. Four months after attending the meeting, you will complete an Impact Report that outlines your contribution to your local community. Please note that Impact Reports may be posted on the Internet Society website. You agree to share your experience and the knowledge gained at the Event with your local Internet community and ISOC chapter, where appropriate. You will be subscribed to relevant ISOC distribution lists and event specific online communities.
  1. Consent. By signing these terms and conditions, you give the Internet Society permission (i) to publish (in print, online, or in any medium) event-related photos, audio or video with you in them; and (ii)  to publish your name, photo, biographical information, and country of origin on the Internet Society website or in any promotional or informational materials (such as press releases).
  2. Other Terms. ISOC is not responsible for your belongings while traveling to or from the Event or while attending the Event. If insurance is available, you may choose to purchase a personal property insurance. You are responsible for obtaining permission from your employer or university to attend the Event. You understand that there is limited time for the tasks that need to be accomplished prior to this meeting and will respond promptly to the Internet Society’s emails and will comply with any deadlines. You understand that ISOC may choose to revoke this award at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.  Any questions about the fellowship process, criteria, and selection must be directed to the team leading this fellowship – your regional Community Engagement Manager or chapter-support@isoc.org for accurate responses. Any questions to and responses from others, including other staff, selection committee members (if applicable), etc., will likely be delayed and not considered final.
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