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The success of the Internet is ensured when forged through both a technical and policy lens. Our Fellowship curriculum, created by renowned scholars and experts in technology and policy, is designed to give Fellows insights into Internet and the regulatory forces shaping its use. Key topics include:

  • Internet History
  • Internet Architecture
  • Internet Governance
  • Internet Policy and Regulation
  • Growing the Internet and building networks to connect the unconnected
  • Strengthening the Internet
  • Internet Threats and Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Advocacy
  • Digital Policy and Diplomacy

Coursework is delivered through a combination of online lectures, tutorials, live interactive seminars, events, and discussion sessions with faculty, experts and guest speakers.

Onboarding: The Early Career Fellowship and the Internet Society
Led by the Internet Society
Welcome and introductory coursework

The Internet Ecosystem
Led by Dr. Laura DeNardis
Understanding the Internet ecosystem

The Internet Way of Thinking
Led by the Oxford Internet Institute
In-depth presentations and discussions of key Internet policy issues, with emphasis on the technical dimensions

Project Management & Advocacy
Led by Pyramid Learning & 89up
Building the skills needed to manage projects through the entire project cycle, and successfully deliver projects on scope, on time, and on budget. Learning how to communicate effectively and advocate for impact.

The Internet Way of Doing
Led by the Internet Society, the Internet Society Foundation & Diplo/GIP
Learning diplomacy and how to secure funding, while bringing together all the learnings, skills and experiences the Fellows have acquired, culminating in a symposium.

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