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Eligibility & Requirements


Candidates must be early-career professionals working in the Internet ecosystem in a technical, policy, economic, or social capacity who have initiated or would like to initiate a specific project designed to grow and/or strengthen the Internet.

Candidates are welcome to apply if they:

  • Have an undergraduate/vocational degree and at least two years of work experience in an Internet-related field; OR at least four years of practical working experience in an Internet-related field,
  • Want to increase their networks, knowledge, and leadership skills;
  • Want to use what they learn for the advancement of an open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet; and
  • Have an idea of a sustainable project that has an impact in the areas of growing and strengthening the Internet and encompasses the goal of bringing together policy and technical thinking and doing.

The Fellowship will nurture and invest in individuals who are working, or aiming to work, in Internet-related fields such as (but not limited to):

  • Internet infrastructure/telecommunications companies;
  • Government agency/department on policy issues related to technology;
  • Internet services companies;
  • Technology-related trade associations;
  • Nonprofit/civil society organizations;
  • Academic institutions as a researcher or teacher/professor;
  • Journalism agencies writing about the Internet;
  • Internet-related start-ups;
  • International organizations on information society, the platform economy, data privacy;
  • VC firms that invest in new technologies;
  • Technical Internet-related engineering project, such as a community network or IXP.

✔ Increase your knowledge.
✔ Expand your network.
✔ Strengthen your impact.

We also encourage applicants who:

  • Already have a working relationship with their local Internet Society chapter;
  • Have not participated in many other fellowships of relevance to the Internet but might have held other fellowships in related fields (e.g., leadership);
  • Are part of minority community;
  • Are early career professionals;
  • Understand the key Internet dimensions.


To apply, applicants must:

  • Commit a minimum of six hours per week for coursework, seminars, individual project work, and other program activities;
  • Complete the required 24 weeks;
  • Have reliable broadband Internet access;
  • Be proficient in verbal and written English;
  • Be willing and available to attend seminars or sessions at odd hours (depending on time zone);
  • Be Internet Society members