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Timeline 10 August 1993

Internet Society Launches Developing Country Workshops

10-14 August 1993

In the days leading up to INET ’93George Sadowsky conducts the Internet Society’s first Developing Country Workshop (DCW) at Stanford University. The workshop, for which Internet Society Vice President of Conferences Larry Landweber authorizes a $50,000 grant from the Internet Society budget, provides 126 individuals from 67 countries with hands-on training in basic connectivity, building and managing TCP/IP networks, and network navigation and resource discovery. From 1993 to 2001, over 1,300 participants from 94 countries attend the DCWs. Virtually all developing counties that connect to the Internet between 1993 and 2002 will do so with the help of people trained at these workshops. Additionally, many of the participants go on to found or help found Internet Society chapters in their home countries.

Read an Internet Hall of Fame article on 2013 inductee George Sadowsky and the Developing Country Workshops here.

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