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Timeline 1 January 1995

Internet Society Begins Publication of OnTheInternet


Expanding on the vision of Internet Society News, ISOC debuts its bimonthly, four-color membership magazine, OnTheInternet, in 1995. Helmed by Wendy Rickard, OnTheInternet and its online version, eOTI, position the Internet Society as a thought leader at a time when the Internet’s inluence is broadening beyond academia and into every aspect of how society works, learns, plays, and even loves.

The magazine attracts such luminaries as John Perry Barlow, Dorothy Denning, Geoff HustonJohn Klensin, Veni Markovsky, Janet Perry, Larry Press, Madanmohan Rao, George Sadowsky, and Nicholas Trio–who, among others, serve as contributors for features, columns, book reviews, technical briefs, and social commentary. Twice-yearly issues devoted to emerging Nations and Public Policy underscore the Internet Society’s increasing inluence on the global stage and earn the publication both industry accolades and publishing awards. OnTheInternet and eOTI continue through their January/February 2002 issues.

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