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ISOC Switzerland Geneva Chapter Chartered

April 1995

In April 1995, the Internet Society of Switzerland began with a local ISOC Geneva Chapter (ISOC-GVA), as a not-for-profit organization. It was a member chapter of the global Internet Society (ISOC). The chapter was very active for many years and usually held its meetings at the Geneva Press Club.

The ISOC Geneva Chapter organized regular public meetings, helped its members run special interest groups (in particular: the Geneva Developing Countries Special Interest Group or DevSIG); provided information about the Internet, Internet training, and related matters; took part in local and international projects; and, through its participation in ISOC worldwide, worked to ensure that the Internet remained open, accessible, affordable, and in the interest of everybody. In 1998, a large INET was held in Geneva, and in May 2002 the Geneva Chapter was involved in the preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society, held in December 2003. This event was “the first international summit in which civil society as such has been officially recognized as a key-actor in the development of ICT.” At same time, ISOC-GVA was announced as the only bilingual ISOC chapter (French and English languages). The key board members for a long time were Stéphane Koch (President), Pierre-Andre Rion, and Rosa Delgado.

In 2009 ISOC decided to de-charter the ISOC-GVA, which lead to the resignation of the Board during a meeting on 26 November 2009 at Hotel Cornavin. The reasons and justification that led to the de-chartering of ISOC-GVA were controversial. After the de-chartering of ISOC-GVA, ISOC started the rejuvenation process. In the rejuvenation meetings that ensued, on 13 January 2010 and 17 February in Geneva’s ISOC EMEA Headquarters, the individuals present decided to form a transition team (TT) to establish a new body that eventually would get chartered as ISOC Switzerland Chapter.

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