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ISOC Senegal Chapter Chartered

July 2001

The following account of the early history of the ISOC Senegal Chapter is adapted from A History of the Internet in Senegal (1989-2004) by Olivier Sagna, Christophe Brun, and Steven Huter (University of Oregon Libraries, 2013):

The Senegalese Chapter of the Internet Society, ISOC-Senegal, was created on 29 February 1999. It is worth noting, as an aside, that apart from a first, in-person meeting and the constituent general meeting, the organization was formed entirely online. This was how the association’s statutes were discussed over several weeks, and then adopted, followed by the online election of officers, with Alex Corinthian elected president. ISOC Senegal set the following goals:

  • To promote the use of the Internet in Senegal by highlighting the experiences it could offer, by providing a first level of information and by encouraging members to communicate with each other and with other ISOC members.
  • To encourage participation by Senegal in the work of ISOC
  • To facilitate participation in various private and public aid projects, both in Senegal and in other countries
  • To promote appropriate use of native languages on the Internet, to encourage the circulation of local content, and to facilitate cooperation with the other African chapters of ISOC
  • To provide information about the positions taken by the Chapter and by ISOC in regard to all physical and moral persons involved in the Internet
  • To provide occasion for, organize, and participate in formal and informal meetings, demonstrations, conferences, working groups, and commissions, as well as in any work or publication, using electronic means (the Internet) or not, in accordance with the organization’s purpose
  • To undertake any activity that will lead to a suitable environment for, the public accessibility of, and generally promote the Internet in Senegal

Since 1999, ISOC Senegal has organized the annual Senegal Internet Fair as well as national and regional vocational training workshops. In November 1999, ISOC-Senegal organized the INET ’99 workshop on network technologies for developing countries, a symposium on the regulation of Internet use in Senegal in July 2000, an INET training workshop in October 2001, as well as taking an active part in national and international forums, especially those involved in the founding of AfriNIC, among other activities of note.

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