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InterCommunity 2016

21 September 2016

Why InterCommunity?
  • Unify the Internet Society community behind our shared global vision
  • Showcase the Internet as a powerful tool to create engagement and connections across distance and time
  • Create a “moment” for our global community of members to meet, share, and connect

One Internet, One Society, One Meeting.

Strategic Objectives of InterCommunity 2016
  • Create a community connection to ISOC’s 2016 Strategic Objectives Connecting the Unconnected and Restoring and Building Trust in the Internet – using the campaigns to share the success stories of our Chapters and Members
  • Position our Trustees as leading voices of our community, from our community – by hosting Trustees at Interactive Nodes
  • Provide an opportunity for community engagement on a global project – Future Internet Scenarios
  • Generate excitement for our rebranding effort and upcoming 25th Anniversary
  • Celebrate the Internet Society community – have fun!
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