From dental sensors that can monitor what a person eats to kitty litters that can track a cat’s every movement, it can be difficult to sort fact from fiction when it comes to the Internet of Things. Can you tell which is real and which is not?

The connected future is here. Imagine the possibilities.

It pays to get IoT smart.

We can help.

If we want to be secure, we have to be willing to do our part.

What is an IoT device?

It’s a physical object that connects to the Internet. It can be a fitness tracker, a thermostat, a lock or appliance – even a light bulb.

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Tips for Consumers

– Learn how to “shop smart” for connected devices.
– Update your devices and its applications.
– Turn on strong encryption.
– Stop reusing passwords.
– Review the privacy settings on your devices and their applications.
– Use a strong password.
– Turn off the device or disconnect it from the Internet when not in use.
– Take steps to make your home network more secure.

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Are you a manufacturer or do you provide enterprise support? We’ve got you covered!

Online Trust Alliance Trust Framework

The Internet Society’s IoT Trust Framework identifies the core requirements for people from all sectors to understand, assess, and embrace effective security and privacy.

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Top Tips for Manufacturers

When we all #GetIoTSmart, we all win.