Internet Society Projects and Programmes

  • Accessibility Toolkit category image

    Accessibility Toolkit

    The Accessibility Toolkit Project shines a light how people with disability use the Internet, the barriers they encounter and the solutions through national, regional and global policies and programs.

  • COST Tool category image

    COST Tool

    The Cost of Shutdown Tool (COST) estimates the economic impact of internet shutdowns, mobile data blackouts and social media restrictions including throttling. The tool allows calculation by country, services and length of time.

  • Collaborative Governance category image

    Collaborative Governance

    The project mission is: to expand the global knowledge and use of collaborative governance processes to solve problems and develop norms.

  • Enabling Access category image

    Enabling Access

    This initiative focuses on enabling access to the Internet by addressing the fundamental impediments to Internet growth and usability.

  • Wireless For Communities category image

    Wireless For Communities

    Wireless for Communities (W4C) is an award-winning programme initiated in 2010 by the Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau. The W4C programme provides last mile connectivity to rural and remote areas of the Asia-Pacific using wireless technologies.