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Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 10 February 2012

DNSSEC Training: NLnet Labs Course Materials (Slides)

In February 2012, Olaf Kolkman from NLnet Labs taught a 2-day DNSSEC “Train-The-Trainer” workshop and nicely made all his course materials available online at:


Olaf made all his courseware available as PDF, PowerPoint and Keynote files under a Creative Commons license that allows the course materials to be copied, modified and even used for commercial purposes – provided that an attribution link is maintained.

It’s great to see this kind of material being made available and we thank Olaf and NLnet Labs for making this material available to the broader community at no cost.

For quick reference, here are the sections of the NLnet Labs course materials (links go directly to the NLnet Labs site):

DNS vulnerabilities PDF    Keynote    PPT
Unbound PDF   Keynote   PPT
DNSSEC Theory PDF   Keynote   PPT
Troubleshooting PDF   Keynote   PPT
Practicalities PDF   Keynote   PPT
DNSSEC Key Rollover PDF   Keynote   PPT
OpenDNSSEC PDF   Keynote   PPT
DNS in a Workflow PDF   Keynote   PPT
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