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Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 18 January 2012

How To Sign Your Domain With DNSSEC Using GKG.Net

GKG.net supports the use of DNSSEC with regard to registration of domains. You can easily enter Delegation Signer (DS) records and GKG.net will sign those records themselves and communicate them to the parent name servers. While GKG.net does offer a “DNS Hosting” service, at the current time (January 2012) they do not provide any DNSSEC signing of a hosted domain. You will need to manage the signing yourself or alternatively use another DNS hosting provider.

There is no additional cost for DNSSEC beyond domain registration as GKG.net’s basic domain “parking” enables you to provide the relevant DS record to link to where you are hosting the records.

Interestingly, GKG.net also provides a web-based REST API for technical users wanting to manage their DNSSEC keys themselves.

GKG.net also provides full IPv6 support for domains with both IPv6-enabled name servers and web-based support for adding IPv6 records to domains.

The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme does not recommend or endorse any particular domain registrars. The information provided here is to assist users of this registrar to understand how to sign their domains with DNSSEC and is part of a larger program of gathering this information across all domain registrars known to support DNSSEC. If you know of an additional registrar we should include, please contact us.

Using GKG.net With Another DNS Hosting Provider

If you are using another registrar or provider for hosting your DNS records, or are hosting your DNS records on your own name servers, you do NOT need to purchase GKG.net’s “DNS Hosting” package but can simply use their “Parking” service.

When you go into the information for a domain, toward the bottom you will see a section for “Delegation Signer Records”:

Gkg dsrecords 1

Clicking the “add record” link will bring you to a screen where you can add keys:

Gkgnet dnssec 2

You can now add the relevant information about your DS keys that you obtain from your DNS hosting provider (or your own name servers).

To see the process in action, we have a step-by-step example of using GKG.net with another DNS hosting provider.

More Information

GKG.net provides the following DNSSEC information on their site:

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